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CATH Literacy & Numeracy Projects

CATH are part of the Perth and Kinross Adult Literacy and Numeracy Partnership and are funded by Perth and Kinross Council to employ a literacy worker to develop this work with homeless people.

The Literacy staff is based at the CATH Day Centre.

Many projects and organisations have difficulty in engaging with “hard to reach” groups and individuals. This is no different for CATH. However by the nature of the support we provide, we work daily with individuals experiencing difficulties with literacy and numeracy and provide advice, advocacy and support on a daily basis.

CATH continues to adopt the Adult Literacy and Numeracy Partnerships (ALNP) vision.

Specifically for adults, the Scottish Government vision is;

“By 2012 Scotland’s society and economy will be stronger because more of its adults are able to read, write and use numbers effectively in order to handle information, communicate with others, express ideas and opinions, make decisions and solve problems, as family members, workers, citizens and lifelong learners.”

We continue to address this through the continuing development of the established literacy and numeracy group’s and one to one learning.

The Day Centre has also developed activity programmes which run in eight week blocks which aim to give our service users new opportunities to try new skills.

The programmes aim to be flexible and respond to individual needs and interests of the service users. They aim to develop the interest of people and inform staff of what activities work and which do not. They are about helping people meet new friends and share experiences that hopefully will have positive impacts on their own lives through raising self esteem and self confidence. They also assist staff to gain knowledge of the literacy and numeracy needs of service users which will help us develop and provide extended programmes which will have literacy and numeracy embedded into the skills development.  

Again our volunteers play an important role in these programmes by passing on their skills and enthusiasm to our participants. They often take a lead that has positive impacts for the participants. A very heartfelt thanks goes to our volunteers.

[Individuals who are homeless, at risk of homelessness or vulnerably housed can access these sessions]

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